Why Excelera?

Excelera is built for small business. An Australian based company, Excelera was inspired by helping small businesses succeed. It’s founders, run successful small businesses themselves, understand the dedication, challenges, pain points, the highs and lows in running a small business.

While small businesses are driven by the passion and vision of the business owner, most often they forget to put in place an integrated eco-system to nurture the business. We have developed this integrated eco-system that eliminates double up in efforts often manifests in small businesses.

Our goal is to help Australia’s large base of small businesses get it right from the beginning and shave years in getting their processes right.

A Single source of truth

Get straight to the truth about your business when you need to.

One software

Most businesses need over 8 softwares to run. Excelera is the one.

SIMplify your workflow

Running a small business is hard work but it does not have to be complicated.

exceeed customer expectations

Excelera is a scalable platform that can grow with your business.

insights means better instincts

Small business does not have to run on instinct anymore. Data from Excelera gives your business the insights it needs.

get organised

An organised business means happy customers!